RP CONSULTANT - How to reach kijiji by telephone

Montreal, Quebec 2 comments
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Is there someone who knows the telephone number to call kijiji for an official complaint for Canada clients because there is a Maxine who works

there and has abused of his power by deleting ads to make profited somme

competitors and I want to make an official complain against him!

He is blocking my ads pretenting that I am not advertizing in the right section, however he lets many other people advertize.Either, he is fully

corrupt or he is abusing of his simple title as CLIENT SERVICE! I want him fired and need to speak to someone in this company.

Review about: Marketing Promotional Condominium.



they are doing same to my mom and i who are responsible breeders and have done nothing wrong! I want a phone number or I will contact the news!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry to hear about this incident. We are not equipped with telephone support, but you can email the details of the situation and ticket answered by Maxine at the following email address: kijijisupport@kijiji.ca, attention: Christian

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